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Svetlana Copic

About me
I’m a creative director in advertising and a serial creative entrepreneur.

A well-disguised introvert. Yoga freak(ish). A passionate reader. Curious and interested in too many things, mostly design, contemporary art and documentary filmmaking. In my free time, I am dedicated to the fine hobby of discovering amazing underground bands nobody has ever heard of.

My favorite fantasies usually include following the summer across the globe.

Why Belgrade?
Love is an irrational thing and in the case of Belgrade it is truer than ever. It is a city of extremes, absolutely not “normal” in any sense of the word; it is intense and vibrant, crowded and annoying, with too hot summers and too strong winter winds; it smokes too much, talks too loudly, parties too hard and it just can’t ever seem to pull itself together and grow up a little, in spite of its ancient old age.

But then, it is so charming, with its two big rivers, magically calm summer Sundays, its mischievous spirit, nonchalance, humorous graffiti, and some spirited people that create great music, art, or simply know how to tell really good jokes.

Maybe I love it because it stays up while most other well-mannered and sensible cities take a nap, or simply because I was born in it. All I know is that whenever I leave, I start missing its edge very soon and thinking – perhaps normal is overrated.

Where can you find me online?

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