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Svetlana Copic (1976)

About me
I’m a creative director in an advertising agency and editor of a magazine about art and advertising.

A well disguised introvert. Yoga freak(ish). A passionate reader. Curious and interested in too many things, but mostly design, contemporary art, fashion and music.

My favorite fantasies usually include following the summer across the globe.

Why Belgrade?
Love is an irrational thing, so it is not easy to explain why we love a person, a tune, a book, a city. I was born in it and all the really crucial things in my life are interlaced with Belgrade, soaked in its sounds, smells, atmosphere, or colored by the specific angle the sunlight was falling down on the asphalt on a particular day, in that particular moment.

It is much easier to say what I like about Belgrade most: its pulsating energy, two big rivers, magically calm Sundays, its intensities and extremes, too hot summers, too strong autumn winds, its mischievous spirit, nonchalance, graffiti, and some wonderful people that create music, art, or simply know how to tell really good jokes.

I love the fact that it stays up while most well-mannered and sensible cities take a nap.

Where can you find me online?

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