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I was born in it and all the really crucial things in my life are interlaced wit...

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Having two exceptionally good handmade ice-cream parlors within a short walking distance in the very center of the city has created an interesting phenomenon. For some reason, Belgraders seem to feel the need to make a choice and root for either one or the other. If you decide for one, then no way will you be caught with that happy ice-cream face in the other. You will campaign for your choice as if the world depended on it.

This dichotomy seems only natural in a city where there are two big football clubs overlooking each other from a few hundred meters distance in eternal, passionate rivalry (ridiculous, since one is so much better then the other, just sayin’). Even the seasons show the tendency to align into two opposing extremes: freeze-your-butt cold or melt-into-the-asphalt hot.

So, let’s see. Both places are offering creative tastes and natural, pure ingredients. They both have a huge selection and nice staff. Moritz Eis is a bit more polished in terms of design, which is compensated with simple and warm interiors of Crna ovca.

My conclusion? I don’t have to decide, and neither do you. In this case I remain happily neutral. Anything with olive oil and basil in their names in Moritz Eis and dark chocolate, walnut or pistachio in Crna ovca.

You can find Moritz Eis in the heart of the pedestrian area, in Vuka Karadzica 9 and Crna ovca (Black Sheep) just a 15 minute stroll away, in Dorcol quarter.

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Svetlana from Belgrade

Svetlana Copic photo

I was born in it and all the really crucial things in my life are interlaced wit...

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Kralja Petra 58, Belgrade

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10:00 - 23:00 daily


Per scoop: RSD 150

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