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Uroš Arsenović (1995)

About me
Oh, I never loved intros.

Okay. I’m an engineer, like, that’s the thing I make money from. I’m into renewable sources and some other energy-related stuff. I’m a retired football player who wonders why the heck he even played that.

I’m also a book and travel lover as well as a LEGO brick and Burago car lover. I’m on a mission to discover as many places as possible that have good beer. So, if you want to get me out of the house, just tell me that we are going for some good beer.

I’m also trying to be a some kind of poet. Just trying. Is that enough? I guess so.

Oh yes, if you wander around Belgrade, feel free to contact me.

Why Belgrade
Belgrade is a place that breathes. Every single street does, even the ones in the suburbs. The city never sleeps and it’s a home for all kinds of people and their stories. Belgrade is those people and those stories. You can feel its generosity in every step.

I love Belgrade’s parks and riversides. I love its street performers. This place can make you feel at home even if you are here for just a couple of days. How can you not love a place like this?

Where else can you find me online?

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