Gunners Pub – Beer guerrilla

Gunners Pub Belgrade

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Gunners Pub – Beer guerrilla

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Uroš from Belgrade

I'm an engineer and a travel & book lover. Belgrade is a place that breathes, ev...

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Gunners pub is on a mission to fight in the name of craft beer against beer corporations. Breweries are like guerrilla bands in that fight.

It’s like David against Goliath, and you know who won that fight.

They fight with 16 different beer tap-cannons. Also, there are more than 50 bottled beers, covering all the types you can imagine.

The first thing that will catch your eye when you enter the pub is the huge wall covered with bottle plugs. The thing I told myself when I saw it was “they must be really stubborn to put ’em all there!”

What makes these guys legends is a fest called Gunguerrilla that happened for the first time last August. It was the first festival of that type ever!

Everything happened in front of the pub, and the whole street was covered with hops. The fest lasted 2 days and 17 breweries from around Balkans presented their beer there. It had more than 1000 visitors!

Also, they promoted recycling in a smart way by selling reusable plastic glasses.

The best recommendation for this place is when you see that they take into consideration not only beer lovers, but also beer enthusiasts who make their beers in garages or yards, and that they use their voice to spread the word about important stuff like recycling. It’s good to be socially responsible. And they also play some good rock in the pub.

Follow their FB page to get updated with the dates for the fest in 2020.

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Uroš from Belgrade

Uroš Arsenović photo

I'm an engineer and a travel & book lover. Belgrade is a place that breathes, ev...

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Braće Jugovića 2a, Belgrade

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08:00 - 01:00 daily


Pint of beer: RSD 190


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