LEILA Records – Vinyls are coming back!

LEILA Records Belgrade

Image by Uroš Arsenović

LEILA Records – Vinyls are coming back!

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Uroš from Belgrade

I'm an engineer and a travel & book lover. Belgrade is a place that breathes, ev...

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When I was a kid, I first got into music by listening to some vinyl records at my grandmas’ place.

I even remember that one of the very first that I heard was “Yesterday” by The Beatles. 

Later on, CDs came and walkmans and then mobile phones so gramophones were a bit forgotten and vinyls were left on the dusty corners of shelves.

At grandma’s, we have a stereo system that has a gramophone on top. I say “have” because it works even today so I go from time to time and take a listen of some old records. Also the new ones.

The love for them is still there.

So, when I entered Leila Records for the first time, it was like a wonderland. There are walls covered with shelves stacked with vinyls from different decades. And all the genres of music that you can imagine. You can even find some ex-Yugoslavian stuff.

New ones, as well as the old ones, are at reasonable price, so you can find a record for 350 RSD (3 Euros).

Also, Leila Records organizes many cultural events, and if they include music, everything is played on gramophones. It brings back childhood memories.

What makes me happy is that records are slowly but surely coming back to the scene, where you have many new artists putting out their albums on vinyl. As long as there’s vinyl, there will be places like Leila Records. And some things you shouldn’t change.

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Uroš from Belgrade

Uroš Arsenović photo

I'm an engineer and a travel & book lover. Belgrade is a place that breathes, ev...

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Gospodar-Jevremova 6, Belgrade

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Mon - Thu & Sun 09:00 - 00:00, Fri - Sat 09:00 - 01:00


Vinyl: RSD 350


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