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Image by Nedeljko Ivaniš

Rakovica Monastery – Spiritual healing

From the first day I started writing for Spotted by Locals I wanted to write about Rakovica Monastery (but didn’t). Why? Because it is a suburb of Belgrade, because religion is not popular among young people, because its theme is too serious, because I wasn’t courageous enough. But let’s ask ourselves, no matter our age:

Are all of us 100% certain that we do not believe in Good? Is western-type hedonism the only true philosophy of life? Shouldn’t we all have a spiritual and a mental side of our personality?

If the Temples of Kyoto see over 50 millions people yearly (and hopefully I will be one of them in the year to come), I strongly believe that our Rakovica Monastery, as one of Belgrade’s three monasteries, has a lot to offer our visitors.  

A few facts about the monastery: it was built during the rule of the famous Duke (Prince) Lazar Hrebeljanović in the 14th century. The late head of our Orthodox Church, Patriarch Pavle, is buried in Rakovca Monastery — it was his last wish. He was a great man, very humble and intelligent and he loved people as much as he loved God.

This is a woman’s monastery and there is a shop where you can buy beads, small icons and candles for your beloved ones, alive & dead. It has a beautiful small church with relatively new fresco paintings. Sitting on the bench in the small but very nice yard, you’ll find here peace and the strength to go on.

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Patrijarha Dimitrija 34, Belgrade

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09:00 - 17:00 daily


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