Ružica Church Belgrade

Image by Nedeljko Ivaniš

Ružica Church – Orthodox churches on Kalemegdan

Belgrade fortress is the best known touristic spot in Belgrade. Kalemegdan (Belgrade fortress) has been a witness of the long and turbulent history of my hometown. And since most of Kalemegdan’s stories are about war, conquest and liberation, Ružica also was a military church during the First World War.

Ružica and Sveta Petka churches in the Belgrade Fortress are not easy to find, if you just walk on the main paths. Of course, you will be rewarded if you put in some effort, if you visit Ružica and Sveta Petka churches. Both are Orthodox churches, and even when you go just in front of Ružica, there’s energy around coming from the church itself but also from the confluence of the Sava & the Danube below. Of course, the great view is part of the magic. The front of Ruzice is covered in climbing green plants and looks beautiful all-year-round. As with the ceilings of most Orthodox churches, that of Ružica is covered with frescoes. 

This is a place where the old and traditional can be connected with the new and modern. For me, religion does not contradict believing in positive energy and the strength of the human mind; on the contrary, it is a continuous process.

In front of Sveta Petka there is a miracle spring that some people believe helps in healing. As with the rest of life, whether you believe it or not, you are generally right.

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Kalemegdan, Belgrade

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