Zvezdara's Watchtower Belgrade

Image by Uroš Arsenović

Zvezdara’s Watchtower – Become a watchman

Sometimes, when I want to clear my head from all the stress I’ve had in a while, I go to this spot, the watchtower of Zvezdara.

I’m lucky enough to work close to it so it takes only a couple of minutes to get there.
Okay, a couple more, ’cause I usually step by the local store to get a drink.

When you climb up, there is obviously a fantastic view. You can see the whole left shore of Belgrade. The industrial zone is located there, as well as the districts called Borcha, Ovcha and Krnjacha (humourously referred to as Cha-cha-cha).

You can easily get to this spot located in one of the lungs of Belgrade by taking bus number 65. You go straight to the last station and then a couple of minutes of walking will get you to the tower.

Across the watchtower there is an observatory (one of the fellow spotters wrote about it) so you can check that too.

Even though the picture was taken in the daytime, I recommend you go at night, because the night’s sky looks especially wonderful.

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Volgina 12, Belgrade

Opening Times

24 hours daily
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