Puce et Plus-la boîte Bern

Image by Sarah Dennler

Puce et Plus-la boîte – Magically treasure chest

Puce et plus-la boîte is located in a small cellar in the Marktgass-Passage near the Zytglogge. To get into the shop, you have to climb down a steep staircase. Although the path leads into a cellar, the entrance is very attractive and lovingly designed. Lights, plants, old pictures and tin cans lead you into the smallest treasure chest in Bern.

Puce et plus-la boîte is so beautifully designed that you could spend hours in there. Despite its limited size, there are always new products and decorative elements to discover. Rusty keys, golden picture frames, tarnished candlesticks and so much more. If you are looking for unique accessories for your home decoration, you are guaranteed to find them here.

In addition to the carefully selected second-hand items, there is also a shelf whose compartments can be rented by Swiss artists or small producers for up to three months. This gives them the opportunity to sell their creations at a direct point of sale. Conditions are that the products are 100% handmade and single pieces. I claim that these shelf compartments are the smallest pop-up stores in the world. The owner Susanne Kramer makes beautiful jewellery by herself, which she offers in her store as well.

What is better than one puce et plus-la boîte? Exactly: two of them! You can find more second-hand items and unique art in puce et plus-les copines in the Münstergasse 35.

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Marktgass-Passage 1, Bern

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Wed - Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 10:00 - 17:00


Decor: CHF 4


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