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Maria Selezneva (1986)

About me
I came to Moscow for the first time in the spring of 2003 – then I was only a schoolgirl from Belarus participating in a Russian language contest which took place in Moscow. I was impressed with its power and glory, I enjoyed the places which I had only dreamed of before after seeing them in the movies… And was happy.

A year and a half later I came there to study at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. Years went by, I graduated, turned out to be a person who spent quite a long time there to get to know its hidden gems and cozy places. Now I’m full of knowledge which I would like to share with the people who come to Moscow to know it better – just like me in 2003.

I’m fond of traveling, and think that it’s better to get acquainted with the city like you live there all the time. And also I like writing, so being a Spotter is a perfect thing for me.

Why Moscow?
Moscow is a vibrant and lively city, full of hopes and surprises. I like to discover it little by little, and enjoy every time I find something new, and then make it my favourite.

Here I found all my friends, and I really like the idea that I spent my university years, which many claim to be the best in one’s life, here. Besides, it’s always interesting to find things that you knew about when you were a student, and then re-discover them some years later in a different way.

Where can you find me online?

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