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Danubiana – The isle of art

Not that Bratislava would be short of its artistic side. Just have a quick look at all those museums and galleries huddled within the center. But what would you say about having a whole isle on the Danube River dedicated exclusively to art? Does it seem utopian? Well, Danubiana Maulensteen Art Museum complies with this idealistic vision of secluded piece of land, dedicated to nothing else but art. Located on the borders with Hungary and Austria, this is really a suitable home for pieces by prominent figures of the global art scene.

Boasting about the uniqueness of Danubiana won‘t do it justice, but imagine how idyllic it must be to delve yourself into this place, best described as a heaven of visual art. Furthermore, the ambient landscape also fits the whole atmosphere. A nice view of the Danube River, nowhere near the compound of stressful city life, where the surrounding nature adds to the whole experience. Assuming that the surrounding ambience puts the finishing touches to the art as one perceives it, one would have a hard time finding a more fitting spot for the exhibitions than Danubiana.

However, despite the fact that Danubiana is certainly not short of visitors, as its essence is hard to be overlooked, still it has the potential to attract many more tourists, who weren’t lucky enough to notice. More so that the whole complex is not just a visit-and-leave venue. One could spend their whole day without having had enough; revisiting potential’s granted.

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Danubiana, Bratislava

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Tue - Sun 10:00 - 18:00


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