House of the Good Shepherd Bratislava

Image by Pavel Šoral

House of the Good Shepherd – This one stands out

What might be considered the most beautiful rococo-style building in Bratislava (built between 1760 – 1765 and once meant for commercial purposes for local merchants) now serves as the home to the Museum of Clocks, displaying antiques from the 17th to the 20th centuries. The House of the Good Shepherd got its name after the statue of Christ, the Good Shepherd on one of its corners and represents one of the few buildings from the original area below Bratislava Castle (called Podhradie), vastly demolished in the 20th century. Thus, being one of its kind, it proudly represents the days of the past long since gone.

What amazes me about this particular building is its impact on me even before I knew about its historical and cultural significance. I do remember so clearly my walks through Židovská street, this house resides on, being carried away by its phenomenal architecture. Needless to say, House of the Good Shepherd simply stands out in the most positive sense of word. And being rather multifunctional, it provides you with several ways of enjoying its beauty. You can either go inside and see the exhibition of antique clocks, made by Bratislava clockmakers, or you can just sit down in the pub on the side of the building.

All things considered, House of the Good Shepherd being one of the last ones still standing in spotless condition, it might also serve as a link between the past and present in the area no longer existing as it used to.

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Židovská 1, Bratislava

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24 hours daily
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