Ľubomír Kadnár Promenade Bratislava

Image by Pavel Šoral

Ľubomír Kadnár Promenade – Riverside walks

Nowadays, when the promenades along Danube’s riverbanks are well-maintained, more people are taking walks there than ever. Especially on hot summer days, when Bratislava’s boiling, the gusts of cool air around the river are so refreshing. However, even this area has hidden gems most people tend to overlook. Forget about that overcrowded promenade that stretches from Eurovea to Riverpark, because right behind Lafranconi bridge there’s a complete game-changer called Ľubomír Kadnár Promenade. This riverside lane snakes along the branch of the Danube and is lined with trees and nice spots to eat/drink in the vicinity. It serves as a perfect refuge from the heat, crowds and tourist traps.

For me, the Danube is so fascinating. There’s no doubt that Bratislava itself would not be what it is without it. And going for a walk across Ľubomír Kadnár Promenade with a nice view of the river – or its branch – devoid of countless tourists around, enhances the whole experience. Furthermore, there’s a canoe club here, so sometimes you can see canoeists paddling along the branch of the Danube, as well as the occasional fisherman standing near the water, waiting for his catch.

Ľubomír Kadnár Promenade, secluded from the city center, serves as a good place to enjoy a forest-like atmosphere right next to the largest river in Slovakia without ever leaving the city, or going too far away from the center. As far as I’m concerned, Ľubomír Kadnár Promenade is my top place when it comes to walking along the Danube.

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Nábrežie Ľubomíra Kadnára, Bratislava

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