Multium Bratislava

Image by Jana Vytykacova

Multium – Mirror interior design

I went to Multium on Friday evening just to relax a bit and observe their artistic interior design. On Multium’s website they say: ‘Come in and let yourself be carried away by the illusion of infinity!’ This illusion is actually created by the mirror walls in each room, so it really looks like there is no end to it!

My fav was the 5m2 room with the pillows on the floor and the mirror walls on all sides, including the ceiling. It felt like I wasn’t in a small room, but a real never-ending space.

There was also a room with walls covered by mirrors from all sides, including the floor. Each side of the wall had several lights installed into the gaps between the mirror panels. This created reflections of the lights on all sides and looked like a night sky with a million stars.

I’m happy to choose this gallery to be the main part of my Friday night program, as it made me happy 🙂

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Zámocká 26, Bratislava

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10:00 - 20:00 daily


Adults: € 5


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