Veternik Bratislava

Image by Jana Vytykacova

Veternik – Sweet and quick satisfaction

Veternik Natacha Pascal is a little store located in four shopping malls in Bratislava- Polus center, Avion, Aupark and Palace shopping center. The little store is usually situated in the corridors of the shopping malls so you really need to make sure you don’t miss it when walking around the shops inside.

You can choose from the following veternik selection: chocolate, caramel, chestnut, walnut, soft cheese-blackberries or gluten-free caramel. The best one is in my opinion the classic one- caramel with cream filling. There is also a possibility to order veterniks via a phone number available on the official Veternik Natacha Pascal website for special events such as weddings, birthday parties or company events.

A great store to visit when you’re either lazy at baking cakes yourself or you’re just typically in a rush in the middle of the store and want to bring home some sweets for your beloved ones or just for yourself :).

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Details about this spot



avion, Bratislava

Telephone number


Opening Times

10:00 - 21:00 daily


Small veternik: € 1


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