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Renata Riva (1976)

About me:
I was born and raised in Torino, in the North of Italy. Studying engineering allowed me to live in many different countries. When I came to the point where I needed to look for a job I decided I wanted to have another experience abroad. In 2003 the job offer came from Brussels, for a big multinational company. I wasn’t that excited, didn’t know Brussels very well, and I always thought it was a grey and boring city.

But I moved anyway and less than 6 months later this city had already changed my opinion and I have now declared it my hometown. I’ve even bought an apartment here now!

I am a real city girl, I love being close to the “happenings” in town, to be able to walk or bike anywhere, to get anywhere in less than 30 minutes. I am hardly ever home, I take any excuse to be out, to explore new places, to go to concerts, exhibitions, theaters, bars, anything. And Brussels is just perfect for this!

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Why Brussels?

  • It just happened, and I’m glad it did;
  • It is very, very international, and you can speak English almost everywhere (actually nearly any language you want);
  • There’s lots of things happening, without it being too crowded or too expensive;
  • It’s easy to live in, it’s forever changing and it is a melting pot of cultures.
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