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Daniela Bratu

About me
I work as an event coordinator since 2013. I have been organizing all kinds of events – workshops, conferences, galas, parties, festivals and concerts. I am constantly looking for new places where I can host the next events I am planning and I like to be in touch with the new spots of the city.

I am passionate about art history, cooking, food history, philosophy, travelling, reading and books, in general. I consider myself very curious and eager to discover new things, to explore new places or to taste new foods.

Why Bucharest
What I love about Bucharest is the fact that it is a dynamic and vibrant city. Every day you can find something interesting to do. I never get bored when I am going out, even for a simple walk, because every single time I have discovered something new about the city – a beautiful ornament of a house, a new place to have a drink, a mysterious street.

Where else can you find me online?
Here is my Facebook page if you have any questions or suggestions for me.

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