Papila Bucharest

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Papila – Soups and sandwiches

So, are you looking for a place to eat? Bucharest has a lot of great options and Papila is one of them. A big part of the menu consists of soups and sandwiches. So if you are craving some pizza, pasta or burgers, keep looking for another place. As you can see here in the menu, there are 6 types of soups, 6 types of sandwiches, 2 other dishes (one with eggs, one being a salad) and deserts.

What I like most about Papila is the fact that the drinks they serve are just as great as the food. It has happened to me many times to find places with great food, but without an interesting bar menu. Here you can have specialty coffee, craft beers, natural juices, a good selection of wines, tea etc.

At Papila, they try to use seasonal ingredients and they change the food menu depending on this. For example, in summer they use tomatoes and, as the weather gets colder, they use ingredients like pumpkin and root vegetables. I recommend you to taste Borș, a vegetarian sour soup common in Eastern Europe.

Sundays are destined for RAMEN only. Reservations are a must, otherwise there are low chances to catch a free table.

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Strada Sfinților 6, Bucharest

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Tue - Sat 11:00 - 18:00, Sun 12:00 - 19:00


Sandwich: Leu 30

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