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Alku5 – Jungle atmosphere

This is a gate to another world. Jungle, cottage, mayor’s house & Bedouin seating — that’s four different moods in one spot. Alku5 is an Arabic world meaning cottage, it has four rooms with different styles.

The first room has a jungle style, wooden chairs and tables, some plants in the corners… The lighting and all the decoration make me feel as if I’m in a hut in the jungle.

The second room has a quiet cottage style, handmade chairs and mat and canvas tables.

The third room is the one with the Bedouin style, copper tables and Arabian seating, where  the most important feature of the Bedouin style is sitting on the ground without chairs. I love coming to this room and ordering tea.

The fourth room is like a mayor’s house but in Egyptian countryside style. The most suitable order when I choose this room is a popular Egyptian meal that consists of pie, honey and cheese.

I also love sitting at the balconies there that feature beautiful views where I sit to meditate surrounded by ancient buildings, seeing the beauty of the old architecture while drinking my favorite beverage.

There is a small bazaar that has gifts and handmade products from Dahab city and Siwa oasis, all representing Egyptian culture.

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Details about this spot



1 Sekat Elfadl Street, second floor - Downtown, Cairo

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Opening Times

09:00 - 12:00 daily


Mango juice: LE 30

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