Ezz Elmnofy Cairo

Image by Farah Safwat

Ezz Elmnofy – Classic Egyptian street food

Beef liver and sausage sandwiches are a perfect meal to go for many Cairenes and Egyptians alike. Ezz Elmnofy is the place to go if you’re looking for a taste of Egyptian street food in Cairo. It’s cheap, delicious and good quality.

You can enjoy your meal sitting down at their tables which are on the street or you can have them on the go. Their menu is quite short and simple. They offer three types of sausage: minced Alexandrian, smoked Alexandrian and oriental sojok (I personally prefer oriental sojok), alongside their liver sandwich which is a must, and if you have room for it you can try their famous Sakalans sandwich, which consists of jam, halva and cream.

The thing that makes Ezz elmnofy special is the very good quality of their food. This type of sandwiches are not easy to get right but what I like about Ezz is that the food is always good and the spices are balanced and although the sandwich is a bit small it fills you quite easily.

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El-Sayed El-Marghany 95, Cairo

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10:00 - 04:00 daily


Sandwich: LE 9
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