Mokattam Corniche Cairo

Image by Ahmed Khodeer

Mokattam Corniche – The highest spot in Cairo

As I am one of those who loves heights; most of the time I wanna run away from the crowded capital and enjoy a clear sunset moment, which is rarely found in Cairo’s hazy sky.

That is why Mokattam Corniche is one my favourite destinations, as it satisfies my eagle-eye desire of watching my city from above.

Mokattam Corniche is a street located near the edge of the highest peak in Cairo (almost 240m high) and is full of cafés/cafeterias which provide their visitors with different kinds of seating styles (ground mat Arabian seats, bean-bag seats, and comfortable sofas or couches), food, and beverages, but they all share a common thing: a beautiful sight of the capital from above.

I really enjoy sitting there on a ground Arabian mat, drinking a cup of Egyptian tea, enjoying the view of most -if not all- of Cairo’s spots. I can see the River Nile, Cairo Tower, the Citadel, Mohamed Ali mosque, Old Cairo -Fostat city- and finally the three Great Pyramids.

And when I’m done with the morning light, the beauty of the place isn’t gone, as during most of summer I can enjoy both of city lights below, and the sky lights above.

The perfect time for me to be there is one or two hours before sunset to enjoy both day and night.

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Mokattam Corniche, Cairo

Opening Times

24 hours daily


Cappuccino: LE 30
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