Mosque of Amr Cairo

Image by Mohamed Abu El Saoud

Mosque of Amr – The first mosque in Africa

Everything in the world has had a first step. The Amr Ibn Elaas Mosque is considered to be the first step in establishing Islamic architecture & art in Egypt.

The Mosque of Amr is the first thing of many — the first mosque in Cairo, Egypt, and Africa. It’s the first building in the center of the old capital, Fostat, where nothing existed before and no city was located on the map before the mosque’s construction.

What I like about Amr mosque (beside the religious side) is its historical and architecture side. The mosque was built in 642AD, and despite the facts that say that the mosque has been renovated more than once, it still has a smell of the past.

Amr Mosque has a huge open-roofed area in its center, where I like taking some time to enjoy the old Islamic decorative art. There are also some architraves that can be viewed along the southern wall of the Mosque. These were probably added during reconstruction.

Amr mosque opens its gates for all visitors, locals and foreigners, no matter what their beliefs are, as the place is considered to be a historical site besides being a place of worship.

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Sidey Hassan Al Anwar st., Cairo

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