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Mihaela Ciorba (1990)

About me
My name is Mihaela and I have spent 25 years of my life in Chisinau. My professional experience so far is in Project Management, and luckily this allows me to feed my passion for travel.

I am a curious person, so travelling is always about discovering and learning something new. Interestingly, the more I visit other cities, the more curious I become about my hometown, which is not easy to love. But I have understood that I do love Chisinau, as, when traveling, I always get to the point when I miss it, a feeling which always takes me back home.

Why Chisinau
Chisinau is one of the less-visited capital cities that I know of. Seeing tourists around the city is still an impressive encounter, which is a pity.

Although I do understand Chisinau does not really compare with other cities that can impress when it comes to architecture, sites and some unique experiences, I still believe visiting my city can be a great experience under good guidance. I have my favorite spots in Chisinau and would love to share my impressions with whoever is interested in making their experience in Chisinau more memorable.

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