Elmegades Antikvariat Copenhagen

Image by William Nordmark Nilsen

Elmegades Antikvariat – Books, books and books

One thing that I definitely do way too little of is read books. I do however love going to Elmegade Antikvariat, an antique book store in the neighbourhood of Nørrebro. When I go there it’s mainly just to have a look at books that have been read and touched by so many people through time. The smell especially is my favourite part of the store: it reminds me of my grandparents who have a lot of books I’m pretty sure they don’t read. 

In Elmegade Antikvariat you’ll find endless shelf after endless shelf of books and you will find any sort and type of book here: philosophy, history, biology, chemistry, cartoons, magazines, heavy novels, and many more categories, including a big quantity of English literature as well. 

The huge selection of second hand books has been collected throughout a period of 40 years from various suppliers — both by people who give them away and auctions. I am positive that you’ll find just the right book for you. Even if you don’t, you are more than welcome to have a look, smell and breathe in the atmosphere. You are of course also more than welcome to ask questions and strike a conversation with the owner of the store. 

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Elmegade 10, Copenhagen

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Mon - Sat 10:00 - 18:00
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