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Image by Cindy Fonvig

Faraos Cigarer – Superheroes & other colorful folks

I love comic books. And comics book stores. I get completely absorbed and end up staying way too long, and I need to show significant self-control, once my credit card comes out of my wallet.

A little off from the main shopping street in the City centre, Strøget, up Klosterstræde on the corner of Skindergade you will find my favourite comic book store in all of Copenhagen.

Faraos Cigarer is named after the Tintin album “Cigars of the Pharaoh” but don’t worry, they have lots of other stuff besides Tintin. To be precise this is actually three stores. Number 27 is two separate shops: one sells comics, cartoons and graphic novels in English, the other concentrates on board games, card games and stuff like Magic the Gathering and Warhammer – I have never been in that one – the store in number 28 consists of new and antiquarian comics in Danish.

In addition to all the exciting and beautiful albums, Faraos Cigarer also stocks various gizmos, from clocks, key chains and figurines to T-shirts and wall calendars.

Prices range from 75,- to several thousand kr. but there’s almost always an album of some sort on offer, so no matter the amount of self-control, I often end up leaving the store a bit poorer than when I came.

Psst, if you’re into dressing up like Batman or an orc with a big sword or axe there’s a fourth store on Nørregade, where I’m sure you’ll find a costume to your liking.

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