Kontiki Bar Copenhagen

Image by Stefan Hedegaard

Kontiki Bar – The ferry to heaven

If you’re looking for a perfect the-sun-is-out-let’s-celebrate spot, Kontiki is it!

There are so many reasons why you should go visit Kontiki and I’ll try to capture the essence in these words… though I recommend the real life experience.

The old beautiful ferry named Ellen is where it all starts. She has been turned into a restaurant with an extended outdoor bar and lounge at the end. The owners are the heart and soul of the famous Kontiki spirit and the employees will put a smile on your face any time.

In my opinion, Kontiki bar is not just any restaurant. Yes, you can get good food, drinks and wine in the sun, but ANYTHING can happen here… and something always happens when you least expect it. Private parties on the top deck going crazy, great late-night chats in the bar, pop-up music or dinner events (posted on Facebook!) or naked swims during summer nights. People in boats drop by for a random 30-minute party or friends come along to hang out – you name it… 

There is something really unique about this ferry. The people. The atmosphere. The captains bar upstairs or the downstairs first class cabin. My number one favorite summer spot!

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Takkelloftvej 1, Copenhagen

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11:00 - 21:00 daily


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