Lergravsparken Copenhagen

Image by Cindy Fonvig

Lergravsparken – A park inside the park

The metro station closest to where I live in Copenhagen is Lergravsparken Station. It’s situated in the corner of the park it’s named after, Lergravsparken.

Once upon a time this area was the location of a series of clay pits hence the name ler grav, which means clay pit. Around the park is a number of World War ll bunkers, that have now been transformed into rehearsal spaces for musicians.

Besides that, is an unremarkable park. It has got trees and grass and benches and a playground – quite honestly there is nothing special about it.

Except one thing. There’s a secret corner.

In the far end opposite the metro station, a small piece of the park is defined by a low stone wall. This is the oldest part of the park, Remisen. It is a small grove originally established as a place for game to seek shelter and feed. There’s nothing there besides large trees and plant life pretty much left alone to grow as it pleases. It’s a small pocket of quiet and calm where you can breathe for a few minutes before re-entering the city.

But please: let’s keep this between you and me. We don’t want the place to get overcrowded.

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Øresundsvej, Copenhagen

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24 hours daily


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