Utterslev Mose Copenhagen

Image by William Nordmark Nielsen

Utterslev Mose – Nature within Copenhagen

Utterslev Mose is the biggest recreational natural area within Copenhagen. It’s located just before the “City” of Copenhagen ceases to exist, in the northwestern corner of the city. 

I live right next to this wonderful area that is well suited for outdoor sports activities such as cycling, running, walking, skating, skateboarding and so much more. Besides being a huge wetland categorized as a swamp, Utterslev Mose got a massive makeover in the 1930s. It was transformed from merely a swamp into a recreational green park suitable for gaming and playing around, if that is what you wish to do on a sunny day. 

I love to cycle around Utterslev Mose which I do everyday as a means of transport through the area, but also as an activity to get some outdoor exercise. That is if I can avoid the vast amount of birds that are living in Utterslev Mose such as geese, ducks and coots. This is why Utterslev Mose has officially been a protected area since year 2000, to keep the biologic status of it.

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Utterslev Mose , Copenhagen

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24 hours daily

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