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Aroon Nagersheth (1966)

About me
I have worked in the travel industry for over 30 years and am a fond traveller to all places of this wonderful world. I am half-Indian, half-German and 100% Frankfurter. I love different cultures, languages, art and music.

Together with some friends, I recently opened a small art gallery in Alt Sachsenhausen which is now my newest passion! And for some years now I have been running the Facebook site mainfrankfurt with a friend where we host all kind of information about the city Frankfurt to which I’m devoted!

Why Frankfurt
As much as I love travelling, I also enjoy coming home! Home to the town I have lived in all my life and the city I’ve never left.

Frankfurt, while well-known worldwide, is still a small town, easy to walk from end to end, and most certainly to run into people you know. It’s kept its typical Hessisch charm and is a cosmopolitan gathering point at the same time.

From my point of view, too many people reduce Frankfurt to a business place, commuting in and out, coming for short business trips and often not getting the chance to know and learn more about a city worth living in, or at least spending a few more days than planned. So here I am, working hard on this now!

Where else can you find me online?

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