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Carolina Leersch (1989)

About me
My work as a Management Consultant in the field of international development brings me to many foreign countries. But even before I chose this career path, I was fortunate enough to travel & explore the world extensively. I love trying funky new food, learning new skills and getting out of my comfort zone. It’s people that make a difference, so meeting new people and asking about their opinions and views on life and politics is another one of my passions.

Why Frankfurt
Frankfurt is an underrated gem – and so much more than the financial hub with skyscrapers and its riversides. Taking a turn from the bustling main streets always brings surprises: a hidden wine bar, a silent monastery, a huge park. I love the big-city-life-feeling that Frankfurt gives me when I walk its streets, while still offering me cute cafes and down-to-earth bars. Over the last 10 years, many new districts and places have emerged, while still embracing the traditional Hessian spots – I’m excited to see how it evolves further!

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