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Josefine Winkler (1985)

About me
My name is Josefine and I love spending my time with friends and family, exploring new places, eating healthy food and drinking amazing coffee in good company. Yoga is an absolute passion, but I would love to have even more time to practice.

When I am not in Frankfurt I would usually be backpacking around the world as I am absolutely addicted to travelling. When coming back from a trip I already have the next adventure on my mind. I do love flying back into Frankfurt though and seeing Mainhattan from above.

I recently took a year out to get my masters degree in London and am back in Frankfurt now to write my dissertation while looking for a new challenge in Event Management and Communications. My profession gives me a chance to meet very different and interesting people who often share their favourite places and events happening in the city. I am excited to be able to share some of my tips with you.

Why Frankfurt?
I would like people to see the real Frankfurt because my city is love at second sight. Many people from far away have their prejudices and presumptions about Frankfurt. It isn’t love at first sight like New York, Paris or London. It is a city where you need a local to tell you about the secret little parks in the middle of the city, the little stores away from the Zeil, the cozy apple wine tavern with Frankfurt green sauce, marinated hand cheese ‘Handkaes’ and apple wine. I love the mix of really traditional places such as the apple wine taverns in Bornheim or Sachsenhausen and the modern stylish restaurants in the Bahnhofsviertel.

Frankfurt definitely is a city of change that you need to explore. Go for a stroll or rent a bike. It’s a small big city!

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