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Irene Melega (1985)

About me
First of all, I would just like to mention that I am not good at introducing myself, I never know where to start and every time I have found it so difficult to do it without being very obvious and boring!! But well, I will try to keep it short and sweet!

I am originally from Firenze, Italy, but about 10 years ago I decided to move away from my home country in quest of new adventures. After a short stopover in NYC working in a hostel, I landed in the Emerald Island, to be more precise in Dublin, where, originally planned for only 6 months, I ended up staying for over 6 years!

Over there I improved my English, started my work career, met people from all over the world and found my loved one, my current husband, Ale, to whom I got married 3 years ago, also from Tuscany. How funny is life? I had to go thousands of kms away from my home country, to find a local guy from Livorno, a city only 90 kms away from Florence!!

To carry on with my introduction, after many years spent in Dublin, we both felt the need to turn a page and Switzerland opened its arms to us and we decided to embrace this new challenge.

Since summer 2016, I have been living in Geneva, where I am currently working as an administrative assistant in a very interesting higher education institution and so far I haven’t got bored of it!!

My passions: fashion, travelling, exploring, laughing, cooking (and obviously eating), dreaming!!

Why Geneva
I love Geneva, as it is my second home, “she” adopted me and, with her charm and style, keeps on fascinating me.

I have to say that she is not an easy one; she is quite reserved and mysterious, but she has a lot to give to her people and visitors, even though sometimes she is not considered as beautiful or as cool as some of her neighbouring cities.

Where else can you find me online?”

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