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Phoebe Allison (1999)

About me
Initially from Britain, but raised in Zambia until mid 2017, I have settled in Glasgow, working on a marketing and administration apprenticeship within a university.

I am an avid artist, musician and writer, and I take great pleasure in creative activities. I am currently working on gathering tools and experience to create my own jewellery. I have created basic pieces but am seeking out another challenge.

I find love and inspiration in nature, and often find myself photographing flowers and trees whether with my phone or with my camera for artistic inspiration.

Why Glasgow
Glasgow is a cultural and artistic hub, and encourages growth in these particular areas. It is a friendly, polite, helpful and culturally-varied city that welcome folk from everywhere. There is never a boring day or night out in Glasgow, as the city centre is constantly buzzing with activity, musical and theater performances. The classical architecture and repurposed churches provide strong historical elements in a modern city. Glasgow has also demonstrated a restorative and resourceful attitude towards the old buildings by converting churches into bars and theaters.

It is a very liberal and respectful city and is open to social and political change for the purpose of growth, and is open to new ideas. The people are down to earth and very helpful. It is a positive and constructive city, and is an ideal location whether for living or for recreational travel, there is always a little something for everyone in Glasgow.

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