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Zekeriya from Istanbul

I am devoted to culture. Istanbul is “The City” (sehr-i yegane), peerless an...

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Coffee is a huge deal for me, especially good coffee. A couple of years back in Istanbul we had “bad” coffee and of course the chains shops. But with the third wave coffee trend swirling the world we have started to see new coffee shops popping up in the city. I can name one or two at this point but there is always a favorite one. Mine is Petra Roasting Co.

I have to admit that their roasting standard is the best in town. They take their business very seriously, craving the blends and the tastes of the beans. Signing it with their own way of roasting. Every coffee freak knows that the main factor is the roasting style, it’s the signature of the shop. Of course you need to have the best beans as well.

Petra popped out like a mushroom out of nowhere in 2013 and slowly built up a fan base. The sustainable and responsible way they roast their beans has reflected on the quality of the flavor. They take their business seriously and invest on ways to improve the taste which is a rare character trait these days. They are located very close to my work so lucky me, but any coffee freak who is in town must stop at Petra or they will miss something magical. The actual shop is also the roastery located in an art gallery, accessories shop, and boat dealer called Muse. Perfect coffee and you get the art for free.

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Zekeriya from Istanbul

Zekeriya S. Sen photo

I am devoted to culture. Istanbul is “The City” (sehr-i yegane), peerless an...

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Hoşsohbet Sokak Selenium Panaroma Residence Istanbul, Istanbul

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 09:30 - 19:00


Latte (S): TL 10


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