Ginginha Sem Rival Lisbon

Image by Nuno Lopes de Paula

Ginginha Sem Rival – The clown’s liquor

Ginginha Sem Rival literally means “without a rival”, and it’s a small bar that sells the traditional sour cherry liqueur known as “Ginjinha”, like many other shops spread around the town center. Besides this famous liqueur, there’s another one that is almost unknown, even to locals: Eduardinho.

Eduardino was a famous Italian clown from a circus that once had a show at the Coliseu (Lisbon Coliseum). Legend has it, that every time he was in town, he went to this same liquor shop but instead of asking for a normal drink, he would choose several kinds of liqueur, mixing everything in a crazy cocktail. He used to drink it in one go, and then… back to work making people laugh.

The story is true and the liqueur, that still exists after all those years, uses the same recipe invented by the clown and is named Eduardino to pay homage to this famous character. The liqueur is good and sweet and some people would still prefer it instead of the cherry brandy. Last time I was there I took some tourists with me, so I could show them a genuine place for a shot. It was so fun!

The place is so tiny that if it weren’t for the queues you could easily miss it. In fact, it would be difficult to get more than 10 people into the shop at the same time. You must do as locals do: Grab your glass and go outside and chat with your friends ;-).

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Details about this spot



Portas de Santo Antão, 7, Lisbon

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Opening Times

10:00 - 00:00 daily


Shot: € 1.40

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