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Image by Sara Trigo Calheiros

Ink & Wheels – Tattoo and piercing store

Not all tattoo shops look like dark badass pits where the only sound is coming from the tattoo pen needling someone’s skin. You can find a very picturesque tattoo studio in Areeiro called Ink and Wheels. Ink, for obvious reasons. Wheels I can only assume comes from the owners’ love for the rockabilly aesthetic. In fact, Mariza Seita, a true feminist and body positivity activist, has her own modern pinup style, which she has also applied to the décor of the store.

Mariza is a traditional style tattoo artist, even though that is not the only style she does, nor is it the only style you can find at Ink and Wheels, as there are many resident and visitant artists, each one with a particular style, one thing is clear: they will work as hard as possible in order to achieve the design you desire, bearing in mind all your input.

Once that part is decided, you just need to lay down and listen to the cheerful music that exhilarates the ambiance at Ink and Wheels and, if you’re in the mood for it, engage in a conversation with your artist or with some of the other people who tend to check on you and on your design. Please mind the giggles and laughs!

Tattoos are hard to decide on and they involve taking an important decision. Ink and Wheels is the right place to reassure you on taking the right one.

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R. Oliveira Martins 5a, Lisbon

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Tue - Fri 13:00 - 21:00, Sat 12:00 - 18:00


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