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Nuno from Lisbon

Learning different languages. There’s a light in Lisbon different from any oth...

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Trobadores, the first medieval tavern in Lisbon is located in the heart of the town, near Lisbon’s Cathedral and pays tribute to the middle ages. The place is small and cozy with wooden tables, decorated with swords, shields and horns. The music is great and takes you back to the times of kings and knights.

Inside, one can easily imagine the times when the city was conquered in the year 1147 by King Afonso I with the help of northern-European crusaders, who left Dartmouth in England. The crusaders decided to help the Portuguese King and his army attacking Lisbon, with an agreement that the King would offer the crusaders to pillage the city’s goods. Some were fighting for honor, some for money, and many ended up here after a three month siege before defeating the Moorish troops. Thirsty and tired, they decided to settle in the conquered town.

Grab your horn full of beer and celebrate king’s victory or enjoy a cup of Hidromel (Mead), an alcoholic beverage that is produced fermenting a solution of honey with water.

There’s live music of Celtic inspiration from local Portuguese bands and there’s even a jam for the more enthusiastic musicians. It’s a great place to bring your friends, drink some pints and make some noise. Be careful with your manners though, foreigner! The castle is up the hill and King’s knights are watching you. Trobadores could be packed and noisy sometimes… after all, it’s a Medieval tavern.

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Nuno from Lisbon

Nuno Lopes de Paula photo

Learning different languages. There’s a light in Lisbon different from any oth...

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Travessa de São Julião, 25-27, Lisbon

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Mon - Sat 17:00 - 02:00


Cider: € 2

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