Barbarella Juicebar Ljubljana

Image by Tina Kralj

Barbarella Juicebar – Keeping it JUICY

Don’t wait for life to give you lemons to have that lemonade. Visit Barbarella Juicebar and let them make freshly squeezed juice for ya! Although I would recommend their organic lemonades, they provide a wide variety of other healthy drinks that I wouldn’t dare to miss out on. Their “good morning” cold-pressed juice made of beetroot, apple, pineapple and raspberries is literally a lifesaver when I oversleep and don’t have time for a proper breakfast. Not to mention their cool choice of protein smoothies. If you love to work out and need a boost, the gym smoothies don’t stand a chance compared to Barbarella’s blueberry or chocolate option. Plus, you don’t need to worry about refined sugars or other additives, since they are FULL ON fresh and plant-based. HELLO HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Got a bigger appetite and those mashed bananas and squeezed oranges just won’t satisfy your needs? Don’t panic. Barbarella’s menu also offers several dishes you can have for breakfast, bruch or lunch. Stop by and order their daily soup as a warm starter, vegan quiche with salad as the main dish and delicious chia pudding as a dessert. I feel my mouth watering just writing this, not even kidding. And the best part is that their packaging is bio-degradable, so no need to feel guilty if you’re short on time and want to drink/eat somewhere else.

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Slovenska cesta 38, Ljubljana

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Mon - Fri 07:00 - 20:00


Smoothie: € 5


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