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Image by Tina Kralj

Sax Pub Mural – Botched or rejuvenated?

Ok, my subtitle might sound like I’m a tiiiiny bit skeptical when it comes to this topic, right? Well, if you know me, I also cut slack wherever I can, because there are always two sides to every coin. And this shit is way too good, you’ll see.

So the story starts – as our spotter Jošt Derlink wrote in his article – with a legendary local pub that brought jazz concerts to Eipprova street back in 1988. Actually, Sax Pub WAS more than just a pub (hopefully it will also retain this status). It was a place with historical value opened by the (already deceased) saxophonist Urban Urbanija. I will not go into the street’s gentrification or the changing of the bar’s owners as I am certainly not an expert on these matters and I do believe it is only natural that things change with time.

I do however want to get down to the nitty gritty of the very interesting renowation of the highly recognisable mural that has been adorning this otherwise very boring facade since the 80s. Done by none other than iconic Jože Slak – Đoka, whose art you can also check out at the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art, the mural recently received an “injection” of botox, if I’m allowed to joke (pronunced “đoke” in Slovenia) a little. French artist Matthieu Tremblin executed a “wrong restoration” by doing a negative of the mural Đoka did.

Soooooo… whose mural is it now? HA. Genius.

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