Burek Olimpija Ljubljana

Image by Miha Poredoš

Burek Olimpija – The best burek in town

BUREK! If you have travelled through the Balkans you have probably already had the chance to taste it. The one made in Ljubljana is something else completely. It is so popular that one of the first Slovenian rappers Ali En even wrote a song about it. This delightful pie filled with cottage cheese or meat or pizza filling can really make your day or night a special one. It is best when returning from a party drunk or starting a fresh day and you need a good and strong snack. There are lots of burek stores in Ljubljana. You can get one in almost every bakery, but nothing can compare with Olimpija Burek and its almost 40-year-old traditional recipe. Besides Burek they also offer Panzerotti, a folded dough snack with pizza filling.

There is a saying that everyone of us locals has their very own special place to buy it, but I am sure if you ask the passer-by they will prove that this is THE best! The store is situated in the heart of Ljubljana, just a few steps from main Slovenska road with all major bus connections and only 5 minutes from the central bus and train station.

Just a hint: If you wanna enjoy more, don’t forget to drink yogurt with it – it’s the best choice you can make, regardless of the time of day :).

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Details about this spot



Slovenska cesta 58, Ljubljana

Opening Times

24 hours daily


Burek: € 2
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