Čevlji na žici Ljubljana

Image by Miha Poredoš

Čevlji na žici – Shoes on a wire

In Ljubljana, there are many streets with shoes on a wire. The origins were explained in another Ljubljana spot where shoes were hung up over the Cobblers’ bridge in the city centre. But each and every one of them was removed recently by the municipality, even though they were a popular tourist attraction. On Trubarjeva cesta, exactly the same street where the Dežnik shop is as well (check Dežnik article), there are several wires spanned across the street where hanging shoes remain present. The origins of the latter were unknown to me until recently.

I visited a shoemaker who lives next to the umbrella maker in this street. Her story behind the hanging shoes was fun to get to know. She explained that the first pair of shoes she hung herself and instantly her shop became regularly visited. The second pair was hung by a lawyer and the next day he got his first job. The third one by a ballet dancer, and the rest followed. The custom spread fast and nowadays nobody knows anymore whether they appear due to life-changing situations of their previous wearers or because of any other state of mind. I think the shoe-maker may be hiding some details we ought to know. 🙂

Recently the “shoe hanging” custom has become quite a hit as pairs multiply daily. As for me, I once hung a pair of my worn-out sneakers and left barefoot. For the time being nothing has changed yet, but you never know.

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