Edifice Meksika Ljubljana

Image by Tina Kralj

Edifice Meksika – “Viva Mexico” in Ljubljana?

There is a building in Ljubljana named after Mexico and not looking anything like what you would expect from a building with such a name. Also, not built by Mexicans or planned by a Mexican architect. Indeed, it has very little to do with Mexico, except for the fact that it was built on a spot where soldiers where gathered to go to war in Mexico during the reign of the emperor Maximilian. Consequently, you now have a whole bunch of places named Mexico in the hospital quarter of Ljubljana – a parking garage, a hotel and well, the building I want to tell you about.

This plain yellow edifice whose facade builds in a step-like way towards the middle is surprising in two ways. First: the arcade moments on its furthest corners; second is the massive gateway placed centrally. Its arch pierces the second floor and there are two statues by Lojze Dolinar that break the simple vista created by the repetitive windows.

Built in the twenties by Vladimir Šubic, it was the first collective residential edifice built by the Municipality of Ljubljana for workers. But for me, the real jewel lies behind these walls. Stepping through the portal, you will be welcomed by frescos done by none other than our most famous impressionist painter, Rihard Jakopič. No matter how faint, you can still admire the six different personifications of Work, Family, Building, Sowing, Homelessness and Migration.

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Njegoševa cesta 6k, Ljubljana

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