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Miha from Ljubljana

I love stories and I love people. I am an anthropologist. Why Ljubljana? ..It’...

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In the very core of the city on Trubarjeva cesta, Hiša eksperimentov (House of experiments) is situated. It is one of the first European science centers based on the rule: Do it yourself. It promotes science and learning it through doing it. Experiments are done on the basis that everyone can touch them, smell them, use them and practically experiment with them.

They cover different subjects: from physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geography, anthropology, nuclear, to computer sciences and others. During the week only school groups can visit them. On weekends the House of experiments becomes crowded with people, especially on rainy days many families visit it. On Sundays between 11:00 and 14:00 they offer a 50% discount on individual tickets, which is only € 3. Best time to visit it is before 17:00 on weekends, when science shows on different topics are presented.

Every year in the last week of May they organize a festival of science called Sciencetival which is present on the street all across the center of Ljubljana. Quite recently they designed a free mobile application with which a person can run up to five different experiments live from their smart phone, which gives them a world precedent in that.

I worked here for a few years and it is really a magical experience. Being surrounded by young, older, young at heart people gave off strength, confidence and showed me that science can be much fun when discovered and experienced by your own hands and mind.

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Miha from Ljubljana

Miha Poredoš photo

I love stories and I love people. I am an anthropologist. Why Ljubljana? ..It’...

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Trubarjeva ulica 39, Ljubljana

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Tue - Thu 10:00 - 13:00, Sat - Sun 11:00 - 19:00


Entrance: € 6


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