Pinsa Rustika Ljubljana

Image by Tina Kralj

Pinsa Rustika – A crunchy taste of Rome

Slovenian cuisine really is something else! From my point of view, it closely resembles the historical and political flux that happened on this land. It echoes the tastes of Austrian stews and sausages, Balkan grill and spirits, Italian dishes. Don’t be fooled – our culinary world is not only grounded on foreign tastes, we are more than proud of our own local flavours and national dishes (such as Idrijski žlikrofi and Kranjska sausage)! But my personal fav is when all of these ideas come together to form something modern and fresh.

Pinsa Rustika is doing just that! It is an appealing little pinseria with a unique story. A family business run by an Italian owner and his charming Slovenian wife has a sweet history of chocolate making that unfortunately came to an end recently. However, a different, saltier part of Rustika still lives on and am I glad it does! Pinsa is a Roman specialty that should not be mistaken for pizza. The dough made from rice, soy and wheat flour is let to rise for 48 hours and serves as the perfect base for interesting toppings! They offer several non-vegi and vegi combos that are then cut up to your desire and hunger level. The best thing would be to have fun and order a mix, but if I have to choose, I’d say go for the potato and rosemary one! The Slovenian touch to it is the not-so-secret ingredient – KAYMAK.

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Trubarjeva cesta 44, Ljubljana

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Mon - Sat 09:00 - 21:00


Per kg pinsa: € 25

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