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About me
Lively, chatty, and most of all, always on the lookout for something fresh and fun to shake up my everyday routine. Art historian by education, culture lover by heart, and last but not least, very OCD when it comes to matching colors and patterns (so don’t wear different socks in front of me – unless you want to give me a headache).

I love to mix up tradition and give it some alternative spunk, so don’t get shocked if you find me at a classical concert at Cankarjev dom one evening and headbanging at the front row at Gromka the next. I will cover everything from theatre/performance festivals to different art workshops and also give you a few hints about where to buy those MTG collectible cards or your future fav graphic novel. Let’s say I rock that art geek-chic vibe hard and I will not let you down. OH and don’t be afraid (!) to holler at me if you ever see me skateboarding or cycling past you in my girlie floral dress – I love meeting new people and hearing about their passions and anecdotes.

Why Ljubljana
Ljubljana might be pocket-sized but believe me – it withholds more than you can imagine! Its beautiful combo of art deco, baroque and modern architecture alone is so breathtaking that simple things like running around doing errands becomes a visual adventure. And even more – a treasure hunt!

You might find yourself gazing through big windows of Kresija Gallery when you just wanted to treat yourself with some Cockta (Slovenian version of Coke) at closeby Pritličje bar. Or you might stop to see some street art performances done by Ana Desetnica festival on your way to snatch that last BicikeLJ (rentable bike).

It’s like the city is screaming “SURPRISE” at every step you take, if only you take the time to notice it. So don’t get fooled by it being so petit. After all, we do have a saying in Slovenia “strup je v majhnih stekleničkah” (the poison comes in small flasks), which doesn’t fail to remind us that the smallest things can at times hide their grandeur. And in that aspect, Ljubljana couldn’t be more on point!

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