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Joe Eagan (1976)

About me
Translator by day, and stand-up comedian by night :). I moved to Sweden from Canada in 2000 to work in consulting and eventually ended up working with translations (Swedish to English) and stand-up comedy. I currently translate mostly for IKEA, but also some other clients. I also organise the logistics and book the stand-up comedians for 3 stand-up comedy tours in Europe with a total of 9 monthly shows in Scandinavia, Holland and Luxembourg, and run the Luxembourg and Hague international comedy festivals. Besides organising shows, I also host MC many shows on the same tours, and often perform at corporate events around Europe.

I’m passionate about my opinion I guess, whether it’s material I am presenting on stage, or adding a comedic angle or twinkle of the eye to one of my articles about why a spot is so good compared to other locations – as you will see in my articles.

Why Malmö
I like the diversity of Malmö, especially with so many different nationalities that make each part of the city so vibrant in so many different ways. Walking just one block sometimes completely changes the atmosphere and vibe that you are feeling. I’ve even run into a few Danish people over the years who are on their first visit to Malmö, despite living in the Copenhagen area all their lives, and the fact that they are so pleasantly surprised sums it all up in how great and interesting Malmö is. There are many cosy, hard-to-find and off-the-beaten-path places scattered throughout the city that I am sure visitors to Malmö will enjoy.

Where else can you find me online?
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