Lernacken Malmö

Image by Karolina Górska

Lernacken – A bike trip

Lernacken is actually a whole area, not just one spot. It’s the piece of land between Limhamn and Bunkeflostrad in southern Malmö, where the Oresund Bridge starts. But I do have a specific spot there. It’s one that requires some willpower to get to.

I’m talking about a sort of a sculpture or a landmark called “The movement meter for Lernacken” – as seen on the picture. It is on top of a hill with a great view over the bridge and the coast and you can even see the Turning Torso sticking up from the horizon. I use it sometimes as a goal for my runs or bike rides. Of course, not only for the distance, although it would be about a 10km jog, but also for the height. No matter if you’re on foot or on the bike, you have to go up that hill, relish the view, rest a bit and then go back.

Last time I went up there cycling, my legs were burning so bad I had to walk the last bit – I was totally out of shape, so I will be visiting the Tower of Lernacken for stamina training soon. And for the view.

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Snäppevägen 36, Malmö

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