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Malmö City – Inspiration

You know the feeling of being in a new city, not really knowing what to do, where to go, or where to even find information? Well, here’s a tip ensuring you’ll never have that feeling visiting Malmö! This digital spot suits visitors and locals alike, no matter the time of year!

Apart from my fellow Spotters’ tips, my “go-to” option for finding new activities and venues in Malmö is Malmö Citysamverkan – A local, non-profit, cooperative organisation, made up of one part municipality of Malmö and two parts local businesses and property owners in Malmö’s city center. This local cooperative is on a mission to maintain a vivid and vibrant city center and help sustain local businesses – all the while helping the environment, and supporting sustainability – including sustainable shopping and business!

Throughout the year Malmö City provides tips and ideas of new venues, activities and ways to positively contribute to and lead a more sustainable city life. They run campaigns, initiatives and competitions that anyone can join by following instructions posted on their website and social media accounts! With fresh content added several times a week, their recommendations are always up to date.

Even after five years they provide me with inspiration to explore and discover more of our beautiful city center. So check out Malmö City’s official website and accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Read about the latest recommendations for safe outings to the city center, “Solo-Shopping” and much more. Maybe you’ll be inspired too! Safe discoveries!

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