Västra Hamnen Malmö

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Västra Hamnen – Modern architecture

Malmö really is a city of diversity, a city where the old meets the new! Although when it comes to Malmö’s “new kid on the block”, the latest city district Västra Hamnen, it’s rather new meets even newer! And nowhere is this more visible than in the blocks surrounding Malmö’s perhaps most famous landmark – Turning Torso.

In this part of town you can cross cobbled squares, look at impressive office buildings with glass facades, have a coffe overlooking the ocean, stroll along the canal, marvel at all the colourful modern housing options, of which “Bo01” is a perfect example, and admire the ingenuity of the ways in which water features and patches of nature have been incorporated into this modern cityscape.

This part of town really stands out from the rest of Malmö and has a vibe of its own, completely different from the more bohemian vibe that most people associate with Malmö. I find it both beautiful and interesting, I love strolling around and just discover the modern architecture, the creative and sometimes surprising features and the colourful mix of materials used. It always surprises me how different it feels, like coming to a new city, one that’s definitely worth a visit!

So when you visit Turning Torso, make sure to spend some extra time taking a stroll to discover the most modern part of Malmö!

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