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Andrea from Mexico City

I love Mexico City because it's a kaleidoscope of unique sounds, colors and flav...

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A place that could please any fashion lover out there, Anatara is one of the few open-ceiling malls in the city.

When I visit, I enjoy looking around the makeup stores (there’s a huge one underground!), the British-brand toy store with a big Lego section, and my favorite: the videogames arena. This colorful place houses playing stations where you can rent any game and enjoy! After playing, a treat is due and I love visiting Teavana, a tea bar that offers about 30 varieties of tea.

Along with the shops, Antara is very interesting due to the seasonal events and decorations it has. Every month or so, the mall installs huge structures in the open ceiling space between the main corridors, creating the illusion of floating elements that usually glow in the sun. Also, as Antara has several fountains in the ground floor, in the summer the fountains are topped with floating sunbathing rubber duckies. But the most anticipated decoration of all is the Christmas one.

Towering at about 10 meters high, a Christmas tree that is made of hundreds of golden lights is put in place at the beginning of December and surrounded by gigantic gift boxes. To make the experience a bit more magical, the corridors are lined with lights, making the whole mall glow in a beautiful shade of gold as artificial snow falls every 30 minutes. (It’s super pretty!) 

During any season, Antara is a great spot to visit either for shopping or enjoying a great time!

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Andrea from Mexico City

Andrea Maldonado photo

I love Mexico City because it's a kaleidoscope of unique sounds, colors and flav...

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